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Default Hello from Texas

I have a 1959 Thunderbird that I have owned for 47 years. It was the first car I ever had! Since it is Ford's first unitized body car it does not have any removable body panels except for the doors,hood and trunk lid as well as no separate frame.

This means any and all body work is cut and paste. This is also not a very popular car model so does not have a lot of support in the aftermarket for replacement panels. While the car is pretty much rust free it does have over 250K miles on it and being my first car when I was 15 and very cheap when I purchased it ($99) there is a lot of old sheet metal damage and bondo in the body. Mainly from the previous owners before I got it!

I have a large shop and have done car restoration and body/paint for years but never at level like you guys do!! I really admire all the hand crafting that is done to make a seamless and invisible repair. Hope to learn some basics.
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