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Originally Posted by Kabous View Post
Dont want to make heavy weather out of this issue but I want to understand the method used.

I have downloaded the video because in the next couple of months I am going to start on the body panels of a Cobra and fit them on the buck I already made, thus the interest.

Towards the end of the video there is 4 pics of which the first shows how the skew panel is bend straight. The next pic looks like the panel is being held down on the Cobra by their fingertips. The third shows marks of diagonal wheeling on the panel which seems to take care of the slight rise in the middle because the panel lies quite flat on the body.

So is that how you flatten out too high a crown, by diagonally wheeling it?
Hi Cobus,
The diagonal wheeling
was done after the panel was 99.9% finished. It was done as a "wash over" pass to relieve any tension still in the panel. The twist that Mark and Dan gave the panel helped set the "form/arrangement" just a slight bit.

If you have too much crown, the procedure is to wheel outside the overly crowned area and stretch panel. This procedure is all learned by practicing the basics of English wheeling by doing something called the "shape in-shape out" exercise. It is described in my English wheeling book, but also elsewhere.
Bill Longyard
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