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This is the finished inner sleeve for the left side. Much cleaner looking and a better fit. I had expected to at least get them both tacked in today but got set back a little. I don't mind that, I'm much happier with the shape and fit of the new inners.
I'm going to be experimenting a little tomorrow, gas welding with silicon bronze rod. It is as strong as steel rod and doesn't require as much heat.
We'll see what happens.If you look at this picture, you can see that I'll be cutting off about 3 1/2" of the fender and replacing it with the new outer sheet metal. You can see why i did this if you scroll back up to the picture where I have the Studebaker bezel bolted on. Look across the top of the fender.You can see that the original fender dives downward then the bezel sticks straight out. The new outer smooths this this out. Name:  009.jpg
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