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Default Busy week!

I finally had a whole week off from work. I got a little side tracked with another little project. Some friends of mine are doing a project to showcase some of their skills on YouTube. Normally I try to stick to street rod stuff, but I thought it would be cool to showcase some Metalshaping so I quickly made a motorcycle tank side with a reverse curve indent for some detail, This was the first time I attempted this, it is by no means perfect, but if I spent more time on it I could improve it a lot, but it was a great learning experience.

Here is the Youtube video of the process Its less than a minute thirty, Please let me know what you think and what I can improve on

This week I was able to spend 2 whole days working on the Pontiac!!!
I started out by making telescoping tubing that has holes drilled in it at the stock width of the frame, then at 7 inches. Then I welded castors to the bottom, acting as outriggers on the side and stabilizers in the middle. The idea is to spread the car and have it supported as much as possible. I levelled the car out the way that it sits, so when I widen it, I will recheck for level and if it is out I can weld jack screws to level it out.

You can see that the middle castor looks off set. I calculated this offset so that it would end up in the middle when the car is spread 7 inches
This side is 13 inches
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