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Kent is right:
Either grade will be ok for both wheels.
EN23 is not as comon as say EN25 or EN26.
EN23 has a tad more Ni, Cr and Mo than the other two, makes it slightly easier to harden.
EN26 on the other hand would be a better choice, it has a full percentage point more Carbon than the other two. Thus giving it a better resistance to surface indentation. Also better than 4130 or 4140. As Kent said, these steels can be turned in their H&T condition.
Should you wish to have a higher surface hardness, the finished wheels can be carbo- nitrided. Basically a second tempering process at 500C in an amonia rich atomsphere for a bloody long time (20 hrs +). The result is the surface hardness goes up to around 450 bhn. BUT be warned !! There will be an increase in grain size. If the bearing bores were press fit prior to this, they won't fit.
Go with what ever steel is available at the best price.
Cheers CJ.
Cheers Christopha
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