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Yes, Kerry. A certain amount of ego is required for this work. Few people have the courage to brag about their failures. Others feel they are revealing a big secret. Because they invented a procedure, they have invested in experiments and they want to be unique and irreplaceable. I understand all the motives. People and most experts must move on. Learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of other experts. Sharing experience saves time for research. The rest of the time can be spent with family and friends around the world. This place has its great value. Don't miss the opportunity to share experiences. If you show your art to 10 people, maybe only one can repeat the same thing.
I recently spoke with a man who showed me the basics of shaping about 12 years ago. The whole workshop was dedicated to me. I sent him some photos of my work. He was very happy that he gave me a small piece of knowledge and that the 1 hour time his company gave me made some sense.

A photo of the finished work without a procedure is the same feeling as a monkey in a zoo.
The monkey man at the zoo beats his chest and feels strong. In his limited space, he is the master and the best. Sometimes it feels similar to me. I won't say how and that's why I'm the best and I'll take it with me ...... to the grave.
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