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Originally Posted by idickers View Post
Really cool project. Could you describe your weather seal solution in a little more detail? I'm trying to figure out how to upgrade some ancient weather seals, and am interested to learn more about current methods.
With the weather seal design on R2, there is one rubber that slides over the pinch weld on the cab - like in most cars. This one is fairly easy to incorporate into an opening and can come with molding dyed with a colour that matches your interior.

The second seal goes on the actual door with the use of 'one way" plastic "T" clips below the shoulder line of the vehicle. The upper portion of the "T" slides onto holes in the rubber and the vertical leg pops into holes in the door. Creating the seat for this is much more challenging.

The knife edged seal goes around the top perimeter of the door ... above the shoulder line. This one usually sits in a "C channel and requires the most work to sit correctly, but totally eliminates any wind noise.

For the best way to get an idea how these seals work, drop by your local wrecker with a small section of your original door seals and check out the new vehicles - 1998 and up..for possible fits.

Hope this helps and thanks for the thumbs up.
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