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Originally Posted by Kerry Pinkerton View Post

Couple questions/comments:

1- What software are you using?

The majority of R2's initial design was done old school...with pencil and paper... sketches, 1/4 scale 2D build drawings, and final renderings. I feel I have more freedom to alter my designs quicker on paper. However, to confirm that there were no awkward areas in the overall body I used Rhino 3D to model the vehicle digitally. For structural components and hinges I use AutoCAD, Solidworks and Inventor. Photoshop comes in handy as well for tweaking some of the renderings as well.

2- How did you bend & weld the wire for the wireform buck. When I tried welding the 1/4" rod, it pulled and caused a kink in the flow.

To bend/shape the 1/4" and 1/2" rod, flatbar, and squarestock I use the end of an 8"x8"x34"LG wooden stump that has had the centre hollowed outafter repeated use. As for welding the 1/4", you're spot on when it comes to the rod taking on a mind of it's own and developing a kink. I just get my heat cranked up on the machine and "stick" the rod in one shot...then as the rod is cooling I pull it in the direction that opposes the pull. Occasionally, I need to touch it up with a hammer and dollie.

3- Do you have any images of the overall design?

Yes, there are a few overall renderings of the final design. I really appreciate that you guys know how easily things can get shared once you post something on the net.

4- What are you going to use for the transaxle?

We have a Porsche G50 5 SPD lined up for this car, though a 6spd would really be the cat's meow.

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Thanks for checking out the build so far, if there are any more things I can answer, let me know. I like your format. Have a great weekend Kerry!
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