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Exclamation !!!!read first!!!!read first!!!!read first!!!!

If you are new and think you are ready to join in on the fun here on AllMetalShaping.

Please do us a favor and make sure you have filled out all of your requirements before you enter your introductions.


1- Go to your User CP (top blue bar above this, left hand side)
2- Enter your location and other profile information
3- Put at least your first name in the signature

Then after all that is done now you can..... (4) Post an introduction in the introduction forum. The introduction should be more than just a 'New guy here' thing.
Your introduction should include your first name, a Brief history, and why you want to be a Member.

If you do not fill in the requirements you will not be approved

Help us out here we would rather be hammering on some metal then trying to help all of the new members fill in the requirements.
Johnny Arial

This forum is dedicated to Metal Shaping.
Please stay on topic.

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