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I am a novice in this dept, so I have watched many videos of people making paper patterns and FSP's.

The paper patterns I have made, have been very easy and quick to do and where to shrink or stretch, becomes evident as soon as one makes it.

Years ago I watched Wray make an FSP; I admire the man's creativity and lateral thinking, but the first thing that sprang to mind, was the time required to make one. At the end of the video Wray mentioned how cheap it was to make an FSP; so I googled the type of tape he recommended and found that where I live, it is not cheap at all.

In the E-type series, he mentions that FSP's don't keep for very long and need to be kept in a cool dark room.

So advantages and disadvantages for myself acknowledging that most of us have different circumstances.

Paper Quick and easy to make. FSP time consuming
Paper cheap. FSP more expensive.
Paper depending on its quality has a long life. FSP less life-span.
Storage - both require cool, dry, dark areas. Paper can be folded and stored flat. FSP tape could be damaged by creasing if folded or squashed.
Reversibility - both can be used for LH and RH panels.
Information - paper, notes can be written on it, cuts mean stretch; puckers mean shrink. FSP, notes can be written on it; shape helps spacial understanding.

So for me it comes down to simplicity, time and longevity and I choose paper,

Cheers Charlie
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