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I have tried and used a variety of 3d cad and 3d parametric programs over the years. Geomagic and Freecad are among those I've learned in past years. Been using cad since early 1980s.

Today I am using Autodesk Fusion 360. It is on the cutting edge for ease of use and ability of the occasional user to get great results. It is easy to learn and has great support, both from Autodesk and the user community.

It is a cloud based program you can buy outright, rent by the monnth or year or for the small guy, you can use it free.

I run Fusion 360 on a 6-7 yr old windows computer that orig cost about $500.
Windows 10 OS. Why strap yourself down to Linux and use outdated software.

There are unending videos on youtube to look at to see it in action. It will work for sculpture design, I'm sure. An add-in called Slicer will cut the design into stations.
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