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Moving Molecules . 07-26-2020 06:34 AM

New Company Ranalah.

Moving Molecules . 07-26-2020 06:36 AM

Just about manage to get a picture on from the community page but I cannot turn the photo????.

Jaroslav 07-26-2020 06:58 AM

First, you rotate the photo on your computer. Before opening. Then you open the photo and resize it slightly and save it again. Person who wrote new programs forgot about the user who wants easy operation. This works well in older versions of the program. With modern times, I plan to switch to a paper form of communication again. It is true and delays less than the influx of much information at once. Distinguishing what is true take a lot of work.:)

Moving Molecules . 07-26-2020 09:16 AM

How bizarre Pic was upright on my I .phone. 🤔

Steve Hamilton 07-26-2020 10:46 AM

If the I phone is held with the home button at the bottom, the portrait needs to be selected.
When held with the home button to the right, that is considered (landscape) the phone is set up to automatically set the rotation for this position.


skintkarter 07-27-2020 01:56 AM

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Originally Posted by Moving Molecules . (Post 163655)
How bizarre Pic was upright on my I .phone. 🤔

An 'I' phone Matt... Probably needs a hard reset like any other Mac device.

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Moving Molecules . 07-27-2020 03:18 PM

Lov it ... l have a Lovely air ministry 1939 blocking hammer that I’m tempted to use.

When I was at school I had the choice of needlework or computers.. we only had three computers... And sounded boring to me.

But sewing on the other hand with the classroom Full of girls.... Served me well in making seat covers for my cars....��

steve.murphy 07-27-2020 05:56 PM

Nice Job on the wheel Matt, is that British racing green? Seems appropriate! :lol:

Moving Molecules . 07-28-2020 01:26 PM

Has a brass plate on it...From Brighton sheet metal which made body panels for the BMW bubblecar..... And God knows what it is has made before that time..... Bombers and maybe a Spitfire Who knows I wish I had a time machine.��

If you go to my Instagram page old metal shaping.... My latest post is about the history of the Ranalah Wheeling machine..... it was 44 with one Anvil when new... dated April 1939.

The Ranalah company won the contract for the war effort.

Oh did l say we payed 4800 but it was worth every penny.

carl 180 07-31-2020 04:38 PM

Wheel looks good always nice to see them restored.

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