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Stretch 06-25-2021 06:37 AM

Making a 1950 David Brown Tractor Fuel Tank From Scratch
Hi folks. Iíve been commissioned to make a David Brown 1950 Tractor fuel tank from scratch. Itís a nice project, with a few quirks, so maybe of interest to others.

I played around with a few techniques - particularly shrinking - as I wanted to see which method would work best/fastest for the given situation. Of particular interest was an old school method of torch shrinking I hadnít done in a while. Time to fire up the oxy-acetylene 👍

Hope you like the project as it slowly evolves.

Hereís the knackered, rusted out tank. DB only made 330 of These, so very scarce!

Stretch 06-25-2021 06:40 AM

First step was to make card templates. I decided to make the top half from three pieces and weld the three together in the center of the double radius. Easy access for smoothing and planishing.

Stretch 06-25-2021 06:42 AM

I cut the blank with an additional 1/2Ē border to allow for the flange and excess to then cut away.

Stretch 06-25-2021 06:45 AM

For the first shrinking method, I used my Pullmax with homemade shrinking dies. The result was very fast and got me to about 80% of where the shrink needed to be.

Stretch 06-25-2021 06:49 AM

After shrinking on the Pullmax, the end panel was blended to smoother the transition from the shrunk radius to the low crown shape of the end of the tank.

Stretch 06-25-2021 06:51 AM

The first side plate came out well. Happy with the fit and finish, although I did employ another shrinking technique just on the edge: my kick shrinker.

Stretch 06-25-2021 06:58 AM

For the main part of the tank, I folded the two 90 degree flanges and then hand bent the panel over the tank. I then employed some heat shrinking to create the double curvature.

Stretch 06-25-2021 07:01 AM

The curvature of the tank was then smoothed out, some more heat shrinking was applied until the desired shape was formed. A final planish brought the panel to readied state for tack welding the two parts together.

Stretch 06-25-2021 07:03 AM

Once the two parts were tack welded, some planishing and cleaning ensued to help make the final weld as clean as possible. of intermittent fasting

Stretch 06-25-2021 07:08 AM

I then tig-welded the joint to reduce heat damage. I added additional filler metal to enable enough material for the weld zone to be filed, smoothed and planished. I wanted an invisible joint from the outside. Penetration was super important.

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