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Ryan in Melbourne 10-06-2020 01:04 AM

Melbourne, OZ, GT40s and MTBs
Strewth here we go.

Name - Ryan Love
Age - 40s, thats enough make it stop

Location, inner south eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia

Occupation, Railway Signalling Engineer. Have worked on jobs in most states of OZ but predominantly its been metro Melbourne.

Hobbies and interests; Well i like riding my Mountain bike when i am able. used to race that when i was younger but realized that i didn't have what it took to get going really fast back in 2005 and haven't raced since. As a junior I raced on the road and velodrome as well. At some stage i would like to have a go at making my own bike frame but that will have to come after the current project. I have a modest shed which i am slowly over filling.

Major tools in the shed; Mig welder, Lathe, Mill, Spot welder, Horizontal Bandsaw, 3d printer

Current project; and predominant reason for joining this forum is a scratch built Ford GT40 replica. I started this probably 5 years back now and have slowly been collecting bits. I have the fiberglass body already and have been collecting tooling along the way to help make it. Some time back, maybe 2 years ago I acquired some copies (not all) of the original hand drawn ford blue prints. These were obviously drawn on plastic transparency sheets and show a few revisions over the time in which they were in development. dates on the drawings range between 64 and 69 i think.

In the last 2 years I have been working on converting what i do have into CAD so that I can then connect the dots using details from the existing plans and photos from original cars. surprise surprise they all seem to differ slightly.
If you want to see more there is more here

I have been enjoying the project, the process and challenge. Most importantly i am enjoying the journey, meeting new people along the way as well as learning new skills.

This is something (hands on skills) that I hope to be able to pass on to my two kids as they grow up.

Hope to meet some of you down the track. I will have a look around and see what everyone is up to.

Regards Ryan

galooph 10-06-2020 02:34 AM

Welcome aboard, Ryan, sounds like a fun project!

Nice chassis table build, too :)

Ryan in Melbourne 10-06-2020 03:12 AM

Thanks Dan,
Hasn's seen much use yet as that was done prior to getting the proper plans. its sitting there ready to go.

I had a goal of getting the plans/CAD finished to a point where i could have started the chassis construction by Easter 2020. That time frame has been and gone though thanks to Covid home schooling, working from home and a broken collar bone.

My main reason for joining the forum was to get ideas about how to tackle some of the sheet metal pieces of the chassis. This I probably should have mentioned in the initial post but I forgot as I have just been discharged from the hospital after having a hook plate taken out of my collarbone.

I am a little bit behind on the build diary as i had started to make an MDF template for the green part that forms the top of the dash structure. More to come on that when I can get back out to the shed and get some photos.

PS I was recommended this forum by a gentle sole called Chris, maybe CJ, not sure what his username is. The forum wouldn't let me put that bit in during the registration process as it couldn't find a match for my random string of text.


cliffrod 10-06-2020 07:15 AM

Welcome to the forum, Ryan. Always great to see a Ford project like yours. I'll be watching.

metaldahlberg88 10-06-2020 07:37 AM

Welcome to the site. Cool project.

heinke 10-06-2020 10:19 AM

Ryan: welcome!

The GT40 sounds like a fun project. I'm scratch building a Lamborghini Miura and you might get some ideas from the build thread:

skintkarter 10-06-2020 10:40 AM

Hello Ryan! Some clever people on here who are very giving of their time.

Ryan in Melbourne 10-06-2020 06:28 PM

Thanks for the warm welcomes.

Iím still looking around the site.
I have 0 metal shaping experience, other than some sheet metal classes back in high school many years ago.
Is there a thread that covers tools to get when starting?
I have some roofing snips, drills grinders and other general fabrication tools but not a lot of stuff that is explicitly for sheet metal.

I was planing on getting a box and pan brake as there are a lot of folded edges in the GT40 chassis. There are also a few other areas that will challenge me but I think I can get there.

Iím guessing I probably need to get a bead roller and some dies, a shrinker/stretcher, some dimple dies for pressing holes.

I have a hand held spot welded that will need some work to get it up to scratch. It needs some new electrodes. After that I am not entirely sure what else.

Any directions on where to head for information or places to purchase other than Hare and Forbes in Oz?

cliffrod 10-06-2020 09:37 PM

My free advice would be to contact Peter Tommasini He can provide outstanding guidance to start you on a very good path. Whatever the current Covid shutdown rules are in AU, Peter is where I would start.

Not many are so lucky as to have a Master like him in their backyard...

skintkarter 10-06-2020 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by Ryan in Melbourne (Post 164931)

I was planning on getting a box and pan brake as there are a lot of folded edges in the GT40 chassis.

Iím guessing I probably need to get a bead roller and some dies, a shrinker/stretcher, some dimple dies for pressing holes.

Any directions on where to head for information or places to purchase other than Hare and Forbes in Oz?

Echo Cliff's advice re Peter for handtools (Peter Tommasini Handmade For larger machine tools at a reasonable price, H&F have some reasonable stuff - but they have some rubbish as well. I had one of their back to back light duty treadle shrinkers, but have just sold that machine and invested in their new deep throat jobbie. They had it on special last week for $999 NZ, down from $1400. It's a well built machine and initial test runs have been very positive. Part number is SHST2.0HD. Also just invested in just about their entire range of stake dollies - again pretty good value and not much to go wrong. I'll be adapting some of my existing home made stake dollies to suit their holding device. In terms of a box and pan, their 'Kleene' copy looks like a very good machine and would think from the weight that it would happily move 16swg. In terms of a swage, I made my own from a set of 'plans' from Tom Verity in the US and am very pleased with it. You have probably seen some shots of it in my Group 5 BMW build I have a full build thread on here under

Definitely reach out to Peter who is local to you in Melbourne. His DVD's are very good, but you might end up as I did, talking like 'Con the Fruiterer' - Bewdifull!

Please post progress on here - Kent White may also comment as he helped a chap make a lovely alloy GT 40.

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