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heinke 02-27-2019 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by 68rustang (Post 153695)

I just found this thread after somebody mentioned it in your C5GTO thread. How do you have the time for all these awesome projects? :)

I have a 5' x 8' capacity CNC router and would be willing to help you in any way possible if needed. I realize Cleveland Ohio is quite a ways from CA but just wanted to make the offer.

Eric: I've already committed the job of cutting the buck stations to a local CNC cutting business. I'm still trying to figure out a cost effective way to get the hammer form sections shaped/cut though. Please PM me your contact info if you think you might be able to help with that.

68rustang 02-27-2019 03:59 PM

PM sent.

I have not made it through the whole thread yet so I apologize if its been posted but where did you get the CAD data to make the buck pieces? Did you have access to a car like you did with the C5 GTO? Was it all extrapolated from your modified pictures?

heinke 02-28-2019 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by 68rustang (Post 153726)
PM sent.

I have not made it through the whole thread yet so I apologize if its been posted but where did you get the CAD data to make the buck pieces? Did you have access to a car like you did with the C5 GTO? Was it all extrapolated from your modified pictures?

Dan Palatnik, is the CAD professional who did all the modeling. I started by purchasing a 3D model of a Miura SV from Dan fixed up a few defective details (e.g. wheel openings) on that model to start. He then stretched for longer wheelbase, widen the track, modeled in the Corvette windows, etc. We then iterated a few times to optimize the visual proportions on the upsized Miura. Once we were happy with the look in the 3D model, Dan sliced it and modeled the buck stations from there.

From my experience, I highly recommend Dan Palatnik for this type work. Even though he's remote, he's a great communicator, really knows his stuff, and his services are very reasonably priced.

heinke 03-19-2019 05:15 PM

Station buck progress
I've been able to make good progress on the station buck even though I haven't had much time to focus on it. Getting the Ferrari 250 GTO on the road has been the focus of my garage time recently.

For the buck stations, I decided to go Baltic Birch for the plywood. I was able to buy 4' by 8' sheets in 12mm (.472") thickness for $40 a sheet at a local hardwood wholesaler. The plywood is 9 ply in BB/BB surface quality. It took 13 sheets for all the buck stations. I was quoted as high as $52 a sheet at other places.

I investigated CNC laser and CNC router services for the cutting. I went with CNC router as it cost $1,420 versus quotes of $2,000 and $2,500 for CNC laser. These are SF Bay area prices, I would hope that something like this is cheaper outside of CA.

Here's what the station buck looks like when it got home.

I probably won't get a chance to assemble it for a couple of weeks. In addition, the hammer forms for the front, rear, headlight, and hood openings still are only in digital form. I have found someone to do those but it's still a work in progress.

So here's my observations on the station pieces.
  • The edges are sharp and smooth with no visible splintering. I was worried the CNC router wouldn't provide smooth edges but that worry turned out to be a non-issue.
  • The slotted pieces I tried to fit together, fit snugly with a couple of bumps from the heel of my hand. They certainly aren't loose fitting and may need a rubber hammer for assembly. If too tight, I may need to hit the plywood surface lightly with a belt sander. The slots are .472 and plywood is .472 for the most part. The plywood has some thickness variance where it can be up to a couple of thousands of an inch thicker in places.
  • The slots have rounded corners because the router bit can't cut a square corner. The CNC shop warned me about this and offered to alter the CAD files to add a "dog bone" at the slot ends. At $75/hour to have the 100+ slot ends modified in the CAD file, I opted not to have that done. I can square out the slot ends with a hand file or use a hand router to round over the slot ends on the opposing pieces. I need to round over the edges on buck stations for angled body sections anyway, so hitting the slot ends while I'm at it isn't a big deal.
  • There's lots of pieces and assembly will be like a big jigsaw puzzle. They are all numbered so hopefully that makes it easier to sort out.

More updates to come with progress...

norson 03-20-2019 12:25 AM

Thanks for the update. I've been using the arctic birch for the stuff I'm working on and like the quality and finish. Will follow this thread.

heinke 07-09-2019 07:39 PM

Front clip station buck assembled
I finally got a chance to assemble the station buck for the Miura front clip. As you might guess, it's like trying to assemble a big jigsaw puzzle. After some trial and error, it came together and looks great.

The missing areas like grill, headlight, and vent openings are where hammer forms will go. I'm still working to get the hammer forms shaped/cut.

What I like about it:
  • It's free standing with it's own legs
  • It's lightweight enough that I can slide it around the shop
  • All station intersections easily aligned

In addition, I'm really impressed with the accuracy of going from a CAD model to CNC instructions to cut 1/2" plywood stations. The slots are tight enough to hold stations firmly in place. I used a rubber mallet to tap interlocking stations in place and then a wood screw through the intersections to keep them there.

blue62 07-09-2019 10:12 PM

I enjoy your C5 GTO thread, a great looking car.;)
This one will be a great read also. Keep the update comming:D

Kerry Pinkerton 07-10-2019 09:35 AM

That's the best looking buck I've ever seen!

Superleggera 07-10-2019 10:10 AM

Yeah! I love it when something goes together as planned after much research and planning. It looks good!

heinke 07-11-2019 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by Kerry Pinkerton (Post 156932)
That's the best looking buck I've ever seen!

...and it's safe to say it's the best station buck I've ever worked with! Well it's the first buck I've worked with so best is all relative ;)

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