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Kerry Pinkerton 05-06-2009 08:01 AM

Resources for Classes, Videos, Books, etc.
In this section we will list where to find metal shaping training classes, videos, and books. RED indicates the vendor is a MAJOR supporter of the metal shaping community.


Wray Schelin
Dutch Comstock
Ron Covell
Ron Fournier
John Kelly
Jamie Downie at Kustom Garage
Mark Kennison (D&D Classics)
Fay Butler
Kent White
Dagger Tools
Clay Cook
Clive at the Hammerworks, Perth Australia
John Crossley,London, Ont



John Kelly

Ron Covell

Kent White

Wray Schelin

Terry Stolarski

Imperial Wheeling Machines

Metal Shaping with Hand Tools... David Gardiner

Klassic Tool Crib




Making a reverse with Hot Dog Dies on Recriprocating Machine
Imperial Wheeling Machines

Tuck Shrinking by Kris Pinkerton
Imperial Wheeling Machines

Free ECKOLD demo videos at



The Key to Metal Bumping (ISBN) Available from Eastwood

Autobody Sheet Metal Repair Concepts, John Poole

Sheetmetal Handbook, by Ron & Sue Fournier - HPBooks #575 ISBN 0-89586-757-5

Metal Fabricator's Handbook, by Ron & Sue Fournier - HPBooks #709 ISBN 0-89586-870-9

Ultimate Sheetmetal Fabrication, by Timothy Remus ISBN 0-9641358-9-2

Advanced Sheetmetal Fabrication, by Timothy Remus ISBN 1-929133-12-X

The Complete Book of Metalworking, by Harold V. Johnson ISBN 87002-313-6

Welder's Handbook, by Richard Finch & Tom Monroe - HPBooks #573 ISBN 0-89586-257-3

Metalwork and Enamelling, by Herbert Maryon ISBN 0-486-22702-2

Practical sheet metal work John Glover great book for hand forming

Universal Sheet Metal Machine Handbook, By Fay Butlers and Jonas Noble

Fay Butlers Planishing Hammer book

How To Use The Bead Roller, by Lazze Jansson - ISBN978-1-4243-2630-3

The (free download) Automotive Steel Designer's Manual is a good reference, especially for the price.



Metal Shapers Association: or metalshapers group on yahoo groups


Shobra 07-11-2009 03:44 PM

Here is a Welding Web site I just found through a link on the HAMB

Brown Dog Welding the guy that makes the nuts and bolts cars and choppers, is featured on the site That's how I found the link.

The Old Tinbasher 02-05-2010 10:14 PM

Canadian Metal shaping class
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Chepokee: John Crossley has a 2 day course he offers. I've taken 2 of them and I'm going back for a third.
The class is limited to 4 people,starts at 8:00am and goes till 6:00pm or so. Oct. to Apr. Well worth the money.
He's located in London, Ont.

John Crossley 1-519-644-2695 Cell 1-519-860-7953

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Dyce 11-18-2010 09:56 PM

I thought I'd post a link to some books I found. They are on line and free to download. They are old, but I thonk there's some good information to be had.

Kevinsrodshop 11-19-2010 11:46 PM

In Calgary Canada the Southern Alberta Institue of Technology (Sait) now offers a metal shaping class that runs for 30 hours, twice a week for 5 weeks. You will find it in the continuing education section of their website. It is a new course and from what I've heard the next course will be offered in early 2011. Enter metalshaping into the search tab on this page.

mr.c 11-20-2010 09:03 AM

I also have an instructional DVD and have placed the contents of that DVD on YouTube in four installments. Here are the url's:

The last of the video is shrinking stainless steel.
There will be another update video coming along that will revise some of what is on this current content. I have found that the TuckPuck really functions better when mounted to a good solid surface since I did the first video. And I have some other products that I need to feature. It will be in HD as soon as I get a more powerful quad core computer capable of editing the AVCHD format.
Whereas this video is featuring my TuckPuck product, the techniques are similar to those used in stump shrinking. I can't speak to whether the stainless can be shrunk on a stump. It shrinks very easily on the TuckPuck. Perhaps I need to do a stump and do a side by side comparison.

My website is: I will be updating the webpage to add more product and better links to the YouTube videos.

Tomek Ciesluk 09-19-2013 02:57 AM

As for DVD's:

I saw on Covell movies that he uses bead roller made by Lazze (they are friends by the way). There You can find free videos, DVD's for sale, books and hardware.
This web was the first I have found when seeking knowledge concerning metal shaping

RockHillWill 09-19-2013 06:46 AM

Unless, I missed it in the above posts, we should add the recent book by Cass Nawrocki.

Overkill 09-19-2013 07:32 AM

DVD's, books and tools

There is not one general website that sells all metal shaping related books, tools and DVD's, but in Kerry's first post, you will find a listing of websites you can go to that will get you started.

One thing I've found is there are many ways to make the same shape. Some people prefer the quietness of the english wheel (ex. Lazze) while others will pound it out with some sort of hammer (ex. Kent White). Some DVD's focus on a single area, like the bead roller DVD that Ron Covell sells. Once you find which technique works for you, you can pursue information along those lines. However, you will also want to try the other techniques, as they come in handy some times.

Amazon, ebay, or directly to the sites above - there are a variety of ways to find the DVD's and books.

For free information, there is always youtube. But my advice would be to put a serious effort into searching, and reading, this site. It will take some hours, but you'll find a lot of information.

gonejunking 09-19-2013 09:44 AM

I'll add Peter Tommasinni

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