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Old 11-16-2017, 04:35 PM
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Post A/C vents

Next up was to make provision for the A/C vents in the upper dash. I had purchased these nice looking billet aluminum vents, so it should just be a matter of cutting 3 holes and plopping them in, right? Well if youíve ever done work inside a tightly packed dashboard you know itís never that easy.

I had purchased the most compact A/C unit available but given that the back part of the carís engine sits under the dash and the A/C outlet ports sit at the top of the unit, there just isnít much room for ducts.

I wanted to space the vents across the dash such that the outside ones would be near the doors and the third one would be in the middle of the dash. It turns out the outside ones were easy in that I just needed to cut an oval hole in the dash for each, install vent, and connect them with 2.5 inch flex hose.

The middle vent, now thatís where the head scratching fun started. The black Sharpie mark in the picture able is the center of the dash and I want to vent to go just above it. There was just no way a flex hose could be contorted to reach the vent without completely crushing it. To top it off, thereís no way to access that area behind the dash once the sheet metal is in place. The A/C unit completely blocks all access.

So my best idea was to fabricate an aluminum duct that would butt up to the dash with the vent getting pushed/glued into the duct. I mocked it up in cardboard and masking tape to prove out my idea.

My mock up showed that this duct could be fabricated from 3 pieces of sheet. First the top 2 pieces were welded together and test fit. I cut the plastic on the outside of the port to make for better airflow through the duct.

I made good use of my Magnabend brake for the 3rd piece. Al 3003 .050 was used for the duct so bending it was fairly easy.

I had to make bends in this piece after it was already welded in place.

Once the duct was tacked together, it was time to try a trial fit. The first couple to tries told me the duct was too wide as the dash cover wouldn't fit in place. I had to break the tacks, trim some off, and re-tack for another trial fit. I used ďplumbers puttyĒ to check for clearance on the side where I could not get a direct visual. The putty squishes easily and holds its shape so I could do a clearance check after the dash top was removed again.

Completed duct.

Dash with A/C vents installed. The last remaining part is to install the radio in the area marked with a black rectangle.

Joel Heinke
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Old 11-16-2017, 05:30 PM
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That dash looks great. I like how you got the holes laid out.

My Project:
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