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Old 12-29-2017, 05:45 PM
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Default Redneck Mini Meet

Two weekends ago I hosted a small local meet to share some metal shaping exposure to some folks that very little exposure to metal shaping, but had shown a keen interest. Invited were members of Jimmy Matthews Construction company and enlisted guys from the local National Guard armory. many of the guys at Jimmy's company are always helping me in one way or another on either the wheeling machine palletizing, loading and unloading, etc. Jimmy volunteered to take his big rig to Richmond, Va. to help me bring home my Humvee and the guys from the National Guard motor pool have suffered my unending list of questions and inquiries. I have taken to buying them lunch if I have a lot of questions at the same time, and several have shown an interest in metal shaping. My friend Cotton Eubanks spent some time polishing the panels on his airplane that he won at one of the previous Redneck Roundups that was donated by Gerry Gulley. Thank Gulley!

I apologize profusely guys, as I have lost a large number of photos taken that day. I suspect they will turn up at some point.

I want to especially thank Jim Hery and Andrew Slater for coming over and helping with the display of their many talents. Jim was busy all day sharing his knowledge of the stump and wheeling machine as well as his attention to fine detailing. I benefited from him using the cowl panel on the speedster as one of his samples of metal finishing. Thank Jim! Andrew was inundated al day long with TIG welding questions and inquiries and preparation details. At least one participant went home and purchased a TIG welder. Thanks Andrew! Thanks again Jimmy for all your travel and other help! I am blessed with many talented friends.

Peggy1 001.jpg

Peggy1 002.jpg

Peggy1 003.jpg

Peggy1 004.jpg

Peggy1 005.jpg

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Old 12-30-2017, 10:52 AM
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Anytime Will!
Andrew Slater
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