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Old 10-17-2017, 07:51 AM
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Default Patmans Arbor Press for metal shaping

Pat 'Patman' Brubaker brought his arbor press 'machine; to Oblong and it drew quite a crowd. he originally designed it to minimize the effort taken to pound steel for a fireman that had lost strength in both his shoulders, but it has quickly grown to a 'must have' tool, especially in those garages that do not have the room or the funds for the high end powered machines. It can also replace the wooden stump, and it much more accurate for those of us that are very talented with their hammer swinging accuracy.

Below, Kay Goodwin, Susan Bowden and others try their hand in the low power requirement forming tool.
Oblong2017 137.jpg

Here, Rick Frantz and others watch as Pat reshapes the panel he is making using a wooden lower form for making Model A fenders.
Oblong2017 147.jpg

Below, Rick and William Grant, travelling here from England, watch Pat add more shape with his arbor press tool. William is from Spilsby, Lincolnshire, and is traveling the US, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands on a Travelling Fellowship presented him by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.
Oblong2017 148.jpg

Here, William, a rather jovial bloke, seems to be enjoying the Redneck approach to metal shaping.
Oblong2017 149.jpg

Pat's seminars using the arbor press and the wheeling machine were very popular during this years event
Oblong2017 152.jpg

Pat compares his work to a Model A fender.
Oblong2017 153.jpg

Pat making more passes to the panel made on his arbor press.
Oblong2017 154.jpg

William is intent on Pats form with the wheeling machine.
Oblong2017 156.jpg

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Old 10-17-2017, 08:14 AM
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Every time I meet with Pat, I'm more impressed with his skill, talent and ingenuity. He recently helped me set up an arbor press in my shop at the North Woods meet. It works great, and was used by many of the meet attendees.

Thanks Pat!
Steve Greenway
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