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Old 11-07-2018, 05:22 PM
crystallographic crystallographic is online now
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Originally Posted by dwmh View Post
Beautiful work as ever Kent. Can you tell me why you used TIG instead of gas, was it to keep the HAZ as small as possible?
Thanks, David.
On small complicated parts I have to be careful with heat. This panel can get heat-soaked real quick, and my choice was to either use wet rags as heat sinks or to pull out my venerable WP20....

Hindsight: wet rags and torch would have yielded a better surface finish.
- But, I have a lot of repairs to perform on this panel and some are really complicated, sooooo .... trying to lessen complexity yields still other complexities.

"All it takes is a little practical experience to blow the he!! out of a perfectly good theory." --- Lloyd Rosenquist, charter member AWS, 1919.

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