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Old 01-05-2015, 06:10 AM
Just Just is offline
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we try last year to work with this dustless blasting, there is a verry of different products out, and most used on buildings, or industry
we test first a normal sandblaster with a waterjet mounted on, result is good

positiv is you have never dirt inside car Body, if all holes ar open, you wash all dirt out with this, so not much work to clean after, rust, boddyfiller, wax, sealer, all you can sand with this, also not big demages around on glass or ruber, not so abressive than other materials, but after drying you can use it a second time, not like other you must put away after work with

negativ, is a wet and dirty way to sand, Inhibitor is not Inhibitor, you must find the right material, and Inhibitor is not in each Country cheap, it is expensive, but working well, you have between 2-5 days time to spray Metall after it will rust a Little

what i find in net

all my Infos i get from this hp, also mouvis to look on and some good Infos about this,.....

for me it works perfekt

Just Ernst

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Old 01-05-2015, 08:08 PM
Oraclejacket Oraclejacket is offline
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I found someone here in Atlanta who does this work. I'm going to give them a shot at cleaning up some Aeronca tail surfaces I have. I'm going to have them clean up a "throwaway" part before I turn 'em loose on a usable one...

Hope this works, because it'll be a faster, cheaper solution than a combination of bead blasting and chemical stripping...
Kyle Boatright
Atlanta, GA
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Old 01-06-2015, 01:14 AM
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From my phone calls yesterday to hire a unit in the UK is a no no, it would appear that mainly commercial cleaning companies use them for contract work. I did get a price from one hire company tied into 2 week hire at 1000/wk so wont be going that route, am waiting for a mobile guy to come back and will report how that goes, perhaps if I search for vapour blasting I might have different results. This occurred to after chatting to a hire company when he said it was relatively new as it's patent had expired.
Tom Poulter

Follow the Dream - Sideways - - But don't fall-off the edge

'good to know you guys care'
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