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Old 04-02-2020, 05:22 PM
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Default A career move into Metalshaping

The current covid19 restructuring of the world and employment may prove to be opportunity for people who lost employment.

My stone apprenticeship was possible due to a permanent layoff from my prior position. I was working in a layoff position as an employment and public benefits specialist for a college while I was developing a culinary education program for the college. In this position, I became fully credentialed as a faculty member of the college and have all necessary background & orientation issues resolved. When that position ended on June 30, I would be immediately rehired on July 1 as the executive chef to oversee that new program. When we ran into eminent domain issues with a neighboring college, the culinary program plans were delayed and I was laid off. We structured my layoff in a manner that made me eligible for all services we offered including retraining benefits. I could change career directions and a significant portion of my training costs may be covered.

Between this eligibility and my intimate knowledge of these specifc federal programs, we were able to have 50% of my wages and some tool costs covered during my training period. Normally these benefits only covered 3 months. Due to the unique requirements of carving and sculpting granite, my training period was petitioned and extended to 18 months. Without this sponsorship, it would have been much more difficult if not impossible for me to maximize opportunity and accomplish what I did.

if anyone is in a position to take advantage of a similar change in career paths following this economic downturn, a serious move into the metal trades may be more realistic now than ever once things begin to improve. The move would require both an employment position with willing employer and a competent candidate with proper eligibility. I met my Master Sculptor nearly a decade before and moved 1000 miles at my cost with no confirmation of work opportunity. It was not a casual effort, but what I ultimately accomplished was not a casual accomplishment.

I'm not familiar with such things outside the USA and only have dated experience to reference now here in the USA. If I can help with any specific questions, feel welcome to contact me directly.
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