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Old 05-13-2018, 02:39 PM
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Default Improved HF Tube Roller

I'm back working on the Ferrari 166 project. I'm working now on insetting the Superleggera tubing into the wooden buck, something that is necessary before skinning the car.

Like many, I have a POS Harbor Freight Tubing Roller and have been frustrated with it because of its tendency to "curl" the tube as it curves it.

I bought the SWAG extension kit, and several SWAG roller sets to work with smaller diameter tubing than the roller sizes that come with the HF tool.

SWAG provides some spacers for their rolls, but they are not cut correctly FOR MY MACHINE (I believe that the center line for each HF machine is slightly different). I therefore ditched the SWAG spacers and made my own set. The left (red) spacers are slightly longer than the right (green) spacers. Pieces of colored tape on the machine remind me which side each spacer set goes on.

On smaller tubing I use the big wheel that came with the HF machine, but on larger tubing I also have the SWAG set up which uses an adapter, and a HF electric piper threader.

I mounted the roller on a cabinet which is weighted down with all the die sets I have for tube roller (HF originals and SWAG dies). It makes for a very stable, but portable, base.

The tubes for the Superleggera skeleton are now easy to make and roll without curling.

I cut each notch in the station with an auger bit which is then fine-tuned with a small saw, or rotary rasp in an air grinder.

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Bill Longyard
Winston-Salem, NC

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