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Default Resources for Miscellanous Products

Southern Polyurethane

Abrasives :Great prices and great service on American-made abrasives. $30/100 for 2" zirconia Roloc discs, $1.79 and up for 4 1/2" flap discs. The and up is because the have aluminum oxide, zirconia and ceramic flap discs and double thick "Jumbo" flap discs. Shipping costs can add up, but it's still a deal!???

Hardware ???

Shop tools (Compressors, welders, air tools, misc tools)

I like this place for die grinders etc.. normally a good price when on sale.

Aircraft tools (rivet squeeze rivet gun sets, counter sink cages....)

Aircraft Spruce --Aluminum sheet, clecos stainless ect.

Sheet metal sources metal drops and UHMW plastic.

Frigo Designs (Syracuse NY) 18 ga steel and 5052 drops by the pound

Bearings and more...really good prices

Trim and Weather Strip Supplier:

Chasing, Repousse and Patina Tools and Supplies:

For Red German Pitch (for chasing and Repousse)
AllCraft 800-645-7124

For Lacquer and Patinas

For Chasing Tools and sets:

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