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Old 01-26-2019, 08:20 AM
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Yesterday, I sold the last two Tommasini wheeling machines that were in stock here in the US. One went to Georgia and the other one is going to Delaware. I have checked with Joe Andrews and they have started another run of the full radius lower anvils and the upper wheels with the sharper corners that Peter prefers for use on his wheeling machines. I would expect that another shipment will be prepared in the near future.

For those folks in Europe that have recently been expressing an interest for one of Peters wheeling machines to be shipped from here in the US, I have to apologize and would hope that you can appreciate that on Peter's behalf, I have to sell to the first folks that provide the down payment. I have been in contact with Peter and he is willing to ship straight from Australia. Perhaps a group shipment?

For those that have already acquired one of Peters wheeling machines, I have gathered a few more items that are accessories for their use here:

I am currently out of stock of the go cart tires and the upper wheel covers, and only have one of the dual lower rollers left. I have just received some more of the lower wheeling machine rubber pads of the correct durometer. If you have ever witnessed Peter using his machine, you will notice that he leans in to listen to the sound of the rollers when in use.

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Click below for ordering or status info on Tommasini Ewheels:

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