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Old 02-22-2019, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by crystallographic View Post
Attachment 51528

Attachment 51531
Next up was the center hole up top, for the clock. I ordered up a correct punch/flange die set and then made up the patch. Witness mark is vital to "clocking in" a round patch, unless chasing one's tail is a fun thing.
Attachment 51532-
Was the appropriate punch/flange die set used to both punch a new hole in the old dash and to create a patch from another piece of aluminum so the hole & patch would match exactly?
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Old 02-22-2019, 07:41 PM
BTromblay BTromblay is offline
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Attachment 51533
Panel is all finished, with the clock opening all nicely punched and flared, and with some repair areas lightly sanded with 320.
Attachment 51534
Attachment 51535
Nice even tidy job, ready for paint.

(The final count was 19 holes and cracks to be repaired.)

I always liked the earlier style panels, nice work.

Thanks for doing the write up.

Bill Tromblay

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Old 02-23-2019, 01:29 PM
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Some very nice resto work there Kent. I particularly like some of your ingenious file designs - necessity being the mother of invention and all that 👍
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Old 02-23-2019, 02:46 PM
crystallographic crystallographic is offline
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Default hole filling w/tiggy

Thanks guys.

I just remembered a short series on filling 5/8-3/4in holes w/tiggy:
P1020054 copy.jpg
Looks fine on top when done
P1020055 copy.jpg
But, back-up with .032 copper scrap is the big helper.

P1020056 copy.jpg
Back side with copper removed shows weld is nicely restrained in a puddle, and NOT stalagmites that have to be mowed off.
P1020057 copy.jpg
A go-over pass w/tiggy on the back side smooths it flat - and is then ready to dress off the top side and then whack it 3 times to settle it all down.

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