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Old 06-18-2018, 05:44 PM
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Default The 6th shipment of Peter Tommasini Wheeling Machines

I have just received confirmation that the 6th shipment of Peter's wheeling machines is about to be shipped. I am awaiting confirmation regarding the actual shipping date, expected to be only about two weeks from now. As in the past these orders are accumulated in groups of six, with two having already been sold, leaving four available in this shipment.

Differing from past shipments is the fact that Peter has agreed to allow us to maintain them in stock here in South Carolina, minimizing the waiting time for some buyers. I have also been in contact with Fastenal, and they have updated their shipping to include a much wider area that includes all of the states East of the Mississippi and all but two or three of the Western states depending on the time of the year and their in-house shipping demands. Their very low shipping costs makes these wheeling machines available for less money than having to drive more than 2-3 hours to pick a wheeling machine up. The appropriate size of Peters machines makes them fit a standard shipping pallet further minimizing shipping costs.

An arrangement with Bill Trombley is going to result in a line of accessories for the use on Peter's wheeling machines. The cantilevered design of Peter's upper wheel coupled with the ability to adjust the upper wheel support shaft opens up a significant opportunity to make tipping and edge contours opportunities. Bill has already designed an option similar to Peters that allows for the installation of a planishing hammer, and I have seen a large assortment of accessories that Bill has made for his own use after discovering what he feels is the advantages of the cast wheeling machine. Development is under way, and prototypes are being built for a 6" x 6" lower anvil on the advice from Cass Nawrocki , and I am making some SolidWorks drawings to develop some standard 3" x 3" lower anvils (both full radius and flats) that will incorporate roller or needle bearings to extend the anvils useful life when being used on the higher strength materials in this more rigid environment, with special attention to the transitional radii, each idea based on trusted input and advice from Kent White.

I have recently gained access to the newest version of SolidWorks 18 and the updated version of Cosmos for use in FEA testing. It is my intent to acquire Peters 3D development model of his cast machine and make numerous 3D model drawings of various designs of fabricated machines in an attempt to actually put some numbers to my curiosity regarding the effects that grain structure has on parallel cross sections of rectangular tubing, and the possible effect that it has on lozenging. As I look more and more into discussions regarding use of either type of wheeling machine, my attention has been zeroing in on how each designs maintains both vertical and horizontal alignment between the upper wheel and the anvil. I was surprised by how little of a horizontal movement can open the gap between the wheels. Misalignment of as little as .010" can lose approximately 25% of the pressure if using .040" material.

If there are those of you with any interest in acquiring a wheeling machine from Peter, PM me or look at this link to a page on my website for additional details. An update to the Fastenal shipping areas will be provided as soon as I can arrange it from Fastenal.

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