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Old 08-25-2019, 05:27 PM
rookie rookie is offline
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Default 2019 Redneck Roundup

Not sure if this is where this should be posted, so Mods feel free to move it if needed.

At the last minute I was able to swing a trip to Tennessee at Jim Hery's shop for the Redneck Roundup. At such a short notice, I decided to go the night before it started so didn't come prepared at all, so sat, watched, and listened....had a GREAT time, Saw a lot of old friends, missed a few that couldn't make it unfortunately. Jim's shop is extremely well equipped and there are Automoble projects of type that I have only HEARD of...really interesting! Dan Pate and a few gentlemen whose names escaped me worked out in the heat and humidity making meals all day long each day...Kudos gentlemen, dinner was delicious, and we all appreciated all the hard work you guys (and wives) did...neverending cookies, brownies, ect. There were a few well attended seminars held and information flowed like water!
I wish I had taken pictures but young Mallory Kolenda earned the hardest worker award...or would have if there was one! Her father Bob picked up an old 650 twin cylinder Yamaha that the young Lady is turning into a Café Racer.... she worked non-stop the whole time on producing parts from scratch! I listened in when people talked to Will the life that Man has led!
Anyway, got an ok from Jim to attend, pulled out of the lot at work onto the Interstate, making Motel reservations blasting down the road at 75 plus....Those kind of trips always seem to be the best ones and this one was no different.....thank you to everyone involved and to all the great people I met, it was a trip well worth it!!!

Phil Gilmore (rookie)

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Old 08-26-2019, 11:13 AM
cliffrod cliffrod is offline
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Yup, it was a great event and even better group of metal working people. There's a lot of people who deserve a sincere thank you for the hard work, sweat and dedication invested in the 2019 Redneck Roundup. I'll take the slacker's way oit and offer a sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to avoid leaving out someone inadvertently.

I've been wanting to visit Jim's shop for years. It's kinda easy to comprehend a single top tier resto/build project or the typical assortment of "normal" cars we all know well. Jim's world will bend your head. Jim's generosity and willingness to allow others into his world needs to be properly appreciated and respected. Thank you very much for having me, Jim.
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