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Hey guys, the arbor press is a very overlooked tool! I started making the tooling after I had a guy in the shop for a metal shaping class. In his working carrier he had used up his shoulders and the replacements! He did not have the range of motion to swing a hammer, so as we know the metal does not care how the force is applied. I talk to him about twice a month, and he sends me pictures of his retirement project, a jalopy race car that he has had in his head for years. What I use this set up for is stump shrinking in slow motion, but it's not that slow when you can place each tuck exactly where you want it. Now I about all I am short to be a TWA board member is a powered shrinker lol but for certain parts by the time I set up a power machine I am about half done with it in the arbor press. The tooling set that I make is $400 and the tooling can be used as post dollies and also fits the larger set and stand that I make I will put some info in the classified section seven I get my poop in a group. I am fat thumbing through this on my phone, I will post some pictures of what the guys have done here in the shop when I figure it out how from the phone.
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