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Originally Posted by cliffrod View Post
Will, i think that comment was directed at the Bonny Doon kit. It costs as much as one of Peter's HandBuilt English Wheels!!...... PatMan's kit isn't that expensive, is it?
Yes, directed towards the Bonny Doon kit for nearly $3600. With the 2 vertical members so close together I think it would be very limited as far as automotive use goes……. but maybe OK for jewelry. Also even though the ultimate pressure would be higher, hand pumping a bottle jack is slow compared what you could do by hand with a arbor press. ~ John Buchtenkirch

P.S. Below is some stainless ducting for the Osprey I trued up in a hydraulic press. I powered the ram with a 2 speed log splitter pump. It ran fast till it had a load on it, then slowed as the pressure increased. Worked out surprisingly well for the job.
A res#1.jpg
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