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Default Responding to some recent inquiries

Good morning, Mike , Christain and Dan

I commend you for your interest in Peters wheeling machines. Here is an excerpt from one of the posts on the Allmetalshaping site regarding the price and method of payment:

This post is done for the purpose of letting those of who are or intend to be, serious metal shapers. The third and last (for awhile, anyway) shipment of the Peter Tommasini designed English wheels has become available. Peter advised me on Monday, that the last of the order for 40 castings is being prepared for importing to the US. Up to this point he has sold 14 here in the US, 6 in Europe and 10 in Australia. Of the 10 that are left, only 6 are being made available for this shipment to the US. These are the first cast iron English wheels to be imported into the US in over 42 years, and are of the FINEST quality and design. I already have orders for two of these machines.

These wheeling machines in this last shipment are available for $3300 less upper wheel and lower anvils. This lowers the shipping costs substantially. To acquire one, a deposit of $1700 is required to get on the shipping list. The balance of $1600 is due upon their arrival here in the US. The finest US made upper wheels and four lower anvils are made by Joe Andrews at Hoosier Profiles. The specially designed upper wheel and lower anvils are available for $780. The fact that payment can be made in three segments has been a major selling point for these wheeling machines. I am NOT in the metal shaping machine selling business. A conversation between Peter and a friend of mine (Jimmy Matthews) that bought one, ended up with both of us volunteering to assist in the disbursement of the machines that arrive here in the US for those that also acquired one of these wheeling machines. They are shipped by ocean container to the US, shipped by train to North Carolina, and delivered by truck to here in Rock Hill, SC. where we disassemble the shipping container and make the individual wheeling machines available to those that purchased one.

If the buyer is not close enough to Rock Hill, SC to come pick it up, I will contact Fastenal, get the shipping quote, put it on a pallet in a box and deliver it to the nearest Fastenal store for delivery for $120. I have had very good luck with the Fastenal. We have shipped wheeling machines from here in South Carolina to as far away as California and Oregon for under $240 including insurance.

Payment is best made by using PayPal to the below address for the $1700. Be sure and send it to me as 'friends and family...' so that I receive the entire $1700 to pass on to Peter. This shipment is getting ready to be machined and delivery will follow the full order of (6). Four have been spoken for.

I can be reached at: or PM me.

Here is a link to some pictures from a Peter Tommasini class at my shop that shows some pictures of the machines that Peter has built.

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Click below for ordering or status info on Tommasini Ewheels:

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