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Default Is a bead roller hem die equivalent to a tipping die ?

My primary need is to tip flanges. I actually built a tipping die using a washer and duct taped beading mandrel (on the lower) and basically it mostly just creates an impression line that I can then tip bend, so its helpful but not in the way I really imagined.

A hem roll set which is advertised ( to tip and then bend the metal for wire bead forming or edging seems like the first step of the operation is the same thing as a tipping die.

In other words, if I buy a $130 hem roll set, is that perfectly usable as a tipping die as well ?

Seems like a dumb question but I don't want to waste money.

Also, when people talk about wire edging, what exactly are they using for the wire ? I"m not clear on what material is being used. I mostly work in aluminum, but if you are doing this on a steel panel how in the heck do you keep that wire and the inside of the metal that has been wrapped around it from rusting ?
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