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Default The Art Deco Imperial Project - Part 11

Back from MM07 with considerable progress.

When we unloaded the trailer, the first thing we did was get it outside with the fenders on it to get some perspective on how it will look:

What I'm going to do is print these out, trace over them and do some drawings of what it should look like. I'd hoped to do something at the end of the meet with the work accomplished but with the rain that just didn't happen.

Joe Hartson and Robert Koleda worked with me the entire meet. Joe redid the aluminum curves on the B pillar and made new door flanges for the drivers side.

Robert and I started trying to decide how the rear deck would look. We started by shaping some 18 ga 1x1" angles to define the vertical portions of the deck.

After we did the center rib we made the side angles. Three dimensional lines are tough, especially trying to make two sides match in three dimensions. After we got it done, we tacked them in place and wove some 1" strips of 18 ga for support.

This worked well and originally I was going to try and get a rough tape pattern off the woven strips and angles but Joe, Robert, and I got thinking and decided to try something new. Joe went by Rural King the next morning and got a roll of aluminum window screen, some duct tape, and several containers of plaster of paris. This was laid over the frame work. The plaster sets up very fast but doesn't dry for quite a few hours. Also it doesn't stick to the duct tape. We'd have been better off using wires to hold the screen to the framework.

By that night, the plaster was looking so good I asked the Blake and Jay to help me spread a skim coat of bondo for a real true surface. the guy on the left is Steve, Blake is on the right.

Here are Jay and Blake spreading the final coat.

After a little sanding we carried the now much heavier framework/plaster/bondo back to the car and clamped it in place. REALLY like the look!

The whole purpose of the true surface was to pull a flexible shape pattern. Joe and I were working on the first one and we later pulled another which was cut into 4 parts. One for the decklid, one for each side and one for the lower back.

We ended up with the side plates done, the rear bottom almost done, and the decklid roughed out. We also got flexible patterns off the front and rear fenders and several panels nearly finished.

As soon as I get the shop back in order, I'll unload everything and get back to work.
Kerry Pinkerton
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