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Also a pan update:

I finally received the last missing seat rail, so directly welded the small bracked to stop the seat on:

And welded the driver's side rails

Starting to look like a real pan:

And one "happy driver", first time I was able to seat on MY ghia's seat ops:

But there was still some work left. First cleaning the welds/putting the bottom in primer:

And you surely noticed the missing jack points, so here we are:

Everything with welding primer:



And in primer:

Pan is now ready, waiting for it's coat of fresh paint but before, I will "use" him in order to weld the heater channel properly. So here we are, with the heater channel waiting to be fixed on it before I lift it under the body ops:

Stay tuned

Antoine Puygranier
Resurrecting a 60 ghia:
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