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I'd just lengthen it -- or maybe just add width from the waist down given your use of modern tires (width) and gaining an inch or two on each side. (but keeping the stock width from waist up) You could still keep it slab-sided (easier to shape the skins) or do a bit more coke-bottle flared and nobody would know the difference. I always thought the curvy shapes of the Miura demanded sexier fender shapes!

My limitation was seating position in the Miura -- not width itself. Use the C4 screen if you have no interior width issues and they are affordable. I think a reproduction Miura windscreen is about $2000 when pricing them a few years ago.

Glass wider than a C4 Corvette? Unknown.

Side windows? You could do Lexan. Or once you know the a-pillar profile (given your windshield itself) -- just find a fairly flat windscreen (pickup trucks) from something cheap and get them cut from that. Hardest thing isn't cutting the glass but in beveling the edge and polishing it when done. Good glass guys aren't cheap but they are way cheaper than numerous broken sheets of glass that adds up fast.

If you do Lexan, just make the side window in aluminum sheet (and shape it) and use it when constructing everything. Remove and use as a master mold to heat / shape the Lexan later for final install.

Big question is width for your engine / gearbox / suspension arms and wheel / tire combo???

On the Mangusta project underway, we are doing modern cast retromod oversized Campy wheels and doing minimal outside to center offsets. (versus going for deep offsets) Thus longer suspension arms even though it will require specially machined uprights/hubs to make work. But we can keep it all within the factory sheetmetal and that was important.
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