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Originally Posted by crystallographic View Post
note: after I had my account at the local welding supply for a while, and had a few bottles on lease with them, I bought an old gas rig for the bottles. Tossed the old stiff hoses and the cheap regs, gave away the torch and parts, and took the bottles in to be filled and changed to my account. The deal to transfer the bottles over to my account was just a basic charge to list them ($35) and fill them. Done. They assume I'm reputable and not out filching gas rigs .......
My projects vary so much that I often go months without ever lighting a torch, so leasing just doesn't fit. Some guys cut and carve stone with a torch (or thermal it to pop off tattle tail tool marks- aka cheating....) but that's not my thing.

This welding shop I've been using has always been good to deal with, but I checked with them again recently about the largest tanks they would sell/swap. Surprised to learn the other shop in town has much different operations when I called this AM.
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