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It is looking good. Just needs some refinement.

I suggest that you mount the base to a curved block of wood that will fully support the part. Clamp it the bench or a heavy steel plate. Then set the outer edge with a flat hammer with light blows. Once the outer edge is defined, stretch the inner area a bit to bottom it out on the die in the open area and up to the inner edge. Then take blunted chisel and slowly work down the inner edge. You do not need to hit it hard but it needs to be backed solidly just like striking something on an anvil verses a wooden block. The series of lighter hits on a well backed surface will allow for more accurate and cleaner work.

If the curvature and depth were much greater, I would be concerned with the fact that you are actually hammering from the wrong side. Because of the curve, you should be stretching the outer edge not the inner. That is why I made a press die in the flat and rolled it after it was formed (see previous post).

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