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Post Vent hammer forms

I bumped into an old friend one day and he mentioned that he'd built himself a CNC router in his garage. Hearing this, I immediately asked him for a favor, provided him the CAD files and soon I had another piece to the station buck puzzle. He made me hammer forms in MDF for the vents situated in the top middle of the hood.

These started from 3 layers of 3/4" MDF glued together and then shaped on a CNC router. Like the other parts of the station buck, these fit perfect with the top surfaces aligned as they should be. You sure can't beat this CAD stuff for accuracy.

Next up, he's making the hammer forms for the headlight openings. We're still trying to figure out how to best do the front grill opening hammer form. Given it's height is greater than the Z axis on his CNC router, it will likely need to be shaped in multiple pieces and then these pieces glued together.
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