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I had a visit from a Italian guy that works at ''Carrozzeria Nova Rinoschente'' in Vigonza Italy, he stay at my place for a few of weeks so we had a chance to talk about method, tools, machines, work ethics in Italy etc, he was involved in the rebuilt of one of Mercedes built in Germany just before the war here is the link

He was telling me that the Eckold is the tool that they use for all their shaping
and the English wheel (even having one in the shop )get's little use)
He also said that must of the work shop in Italy now days all use the Eckold.
I think also that most of the shop in Europe does the same with the exception of England ?
He was surprise to see that the panel made in my shop with the English wheel where so smooth, and he said ......Quote.... the panels that we made are not finished that well, so we file them up and smooth things off that way (end of Quote) they also use the planishing hammer, as a mater of fact I remember seeing 3 of them when I was in Italy visiting that shop

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