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Default MetalShaping videos

YouTube sees a trend in what videos you tend to watch and search for. I found in their suggested offerings a video from Runge Cars. The one they suggested was on buck making. It was so good that I subscribed to his site. I am just getting started watching. He is a very talented young fellow. Alloy bodied race cars seems to be the path his hobby turned to business has taken. Mostly Porsche powered from what I have seen so far. The one that I just finished watching was on making trim. This particular video shows what appears to me to be a shear set up to do Pullmax type work. That is at about 2:22 on the video link that I will post here at the end. His wheel is also very interesting. I haven't seen the entire wheel yet. It may be cast iron or maybe fabbed to look like one.
Anyway, to me, there is a lot of interesting metalshaping content that he has posted. Here is the one that I just watched:
His website is:
Enjoy! Carey
Carey Culpepper

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