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Another option for printing is to dump the file to a PDF and head to your local Kinko's and get it printed. Most have a printer that will do B&W at 36 inches wide and unlimited length. Fairly cheap as well. I use this service regularly and have over 100+ full-size printouts of projects that I've created. When building something ala coachwork or frames/chassis, etc -- easier to measure from a full-size printout then having to do scaling conversions regularly.

One note: when I print ala the above, I usually print a "test square box" on the same page that is say 4in x 4in and thus I can easily proof the printout by measuring when at the printing facility. That way if they screw up the print sizing (something other than 1:1 ratio) -- they eat it. Usually I put the box in the lower left corner of the printout and we print the first 12 inches as a "test". Measure and if the 4x4in is correct -- print the final output on the next run.

Other option is to find a local service who have a large color printer. Here is artwork concept of mine for a recent project (two were built and will debut upcoming) that we printed full-size and this was an extra copy. 42in tall by about 14ft long! (@$132 to print)

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