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Default Chassis builder for Heinke Modern Day Miura

Hello everyone, glad to be here. I am the chassis builder for Heinke's Modern Day Miura project. His particular chassis is a slight variation of the Aluminum Composite Monocoque Chassis that I manufacture for the kitcar (I hate that word) industry. As a brief background, I have seven National Championships in NHRA and IHRA drag racing as a chassis builder and/or owner, have made 51 Nascar starts, and have been involved in automobile fabrication all of my adult life, having built over 300 chassis when I owned Fast Lane Engineering. Recently my attention has turned to the exotic car replica market and have developed a chassis for it as well as another project, the Chupacabra. I have spent the last several years developing the Chupacabra for sales under the Low Volume Act. This is a law that myself, SEMA, and a few others lobbied for in the US Congress and was successfully passed last year. It basically says that I can build up to 325 cars a year without crash testing and all of the other prohibitive overhead so long as it resembles a car that was manufactured over 25 years ago and I have some kind of legal connection to it. Details on the Chupacabra project as well as my other Aluminum Composite Chassis work can be seen at Stricklandracinginc on YouTube, Chupacabra on Facebook, and on the web. There is abundant tech info on the first two, but the website is sparse on purpose, and there is no sales solicitation. That is because I did not want to become what I have despised for the last 30 years, someone who puts up a beautiful rendering, makes a bunch of ridiculous claims about the next great supercar, and just needs you to send a million dollars to own it. In the meantime, we have built six prototype cars and intend for the seventh one to be finished later this year, which will be the presentational car and the production design.
Charley Strickland

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