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I got the floor opening roughed in. I think I'm going to install the engine and trans before I put the CTS firewall & floor in so I had to remove the temporary bracing I put in and replace them with just one brace going directly across from side to side at the lower corners of the windshield. It will be much easier to get the mounts made and installed working from above. If I put the floor in first, Id have to weld in the mounts from below. It's just a lot easier to get the mounts done before the floor goes in. I had to modify my engine support to use it on the 49. At the ends of the support, there are plates that had rubber pads on them to rest on the upper rails of a late model car. I had to remove the rubber pads and cut some tubing in half lengthwise and tack them to the plates so it would set on the round tubes tying the towers to the firewall. I will use a cherry picker to get the engine in place, then transfer it to the support which is easily adjustable up and down, and can be slid forward or backward along the upper tubes. I can position the engine exactly where I need it and it will stay there until I can get the mounts made and installed.

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