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Default Fyi

Looking forward to meeting Ben and seeing the hammer. The YouTube videos have been really interesting.

Bill picked up 4 of them and is on his way from South Carolina.

For those attending, sounds like it might be a bit cool, so bring jackets.

I'm setting up a area with stuff for sale. Barton Books, Covell DVD's, Longyard Books, Kent White DVD's, as well as a few tools:
- Rotex 18 Turret Punch
- Couple 12" Craftsman Bandsaws with a ton of blades
- Saw dust collection system
- 4x4 burn table (slotted top that you work over)
- Victor Magnetic Tracer torch - table top model
- Auto parts store catalog rack
- 12" Makita compound miter saw
- 4x8 table for CNC router or Plasma table. Was an Oxy Acet set up. You need to add stepper motors and control, this is just an accurate table with bearing slides
- some smaller Oxy Acet and CO2 cylinders
- old stop light
- Stanley Unishear - biggest one I've seen, but it only says 18G on it
- Practically new 20HP Phase A Matic rotary phase converter in OSHA cage
- Parts from bead roller I was going to build - 90V variable motor on stand - previously a sliter I believe, u joints, sliding joints (out of steering columns), etc. I was going to build a deep and tall throat design I came with, but now that I purchased a bead roller, going to move this stuff
- some regulators
- and other valuable stuff that you just can't live without

Looking forward to Saturday.

Ron Covell, Peter Tomasini and Kent White metalshaping DVD's available, shipped from the US. Contact for price and availability.
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