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Originally Posted by Overkill View Post
For the metal shaping event, I'll be picking up some steel and aluminum. I can also pick up extra sheets for those of you that would like some.

Most antique car bodies are 19g. AK = Aluminum Killed. DQ = Drawing Quality. It's softer and easier to form that the typical sheet that you'd find at your steel suppliers. I've checked many sources, but the only place I can find this sheet is from Modesto Steel, a 3 hour drive each way. I can pick up extra 4' x 10' sheets for $65 each.

I'm also going to be picking up some .065" 3003 H14 aluminum. This is the favored alloy for metal shaping. The price will be $80 per 4'x10' sheet.

Tell me how many you'd like, and I'll have them here at the event to pick up.

Thank you John for making the run down to Modesto, this a great price and anyone considering getting in on the order should be thankful for the offer! See you all in a couple weeks!
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