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5052 should be a good choice. From your pics I think 80 thou should be ok. It's used in marine applications because of it's corrosion resistance. It typically comes with some temper but it's easy to anneal by heating to 650F. I usually anneal with torch, the heat is uneven so I get a little ripple in the sheet but if you are forming it the ripples won't matter. On extreme shapes I will anneal more than once. The work hardening will add to the yield strength so I usually try to do some shaping after the last annealing to increase the yield strength.

Definitely get 5356 filler. It yields a strong, ductile weld that will hold up to subsequent shaping and planishing. Commonly available 4043 makes brittle welds with 5052 and in my experience makes a slightly visible weld line after polishing.
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