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Originally Posted by berntd View Post
Hey Jerry, I am hoping someone else has already encountered this and will let me know what the problem is or if it is finger trouble from my side.

I have to admit that I do not fully understand what you suggested.
There is a hose going down tha back of the pot and that meets the left arm on a T under the pot. The T's leg goes into the pot underside and the other arm is the output. There is also a valve in the T's leg to control sand flow.

Looks like this but with anopther valve in the tube going to the mixing valve.

I only use this pot ever few months and every time I get annoyed but then it is parked again untill next time because of more pressing things.

My mistake, I thought you had a siphon setup. I have a Haaba Fleight small box with the same issues that I had to tune up.
The crux is that you want 50% air and 50% sand, more or less. The trick is to get the sand into the air stream in just the right amount. Your mixing tee should have a valve that shuts the sand flow off when the air is shut off. That would stop the packing issue
Or, as some of the pros do, the sand comes out all the time, and they blow it over at the pile in the corner when they aren't blasting the work. That means the compressor runs constantly.

Jerry Roy
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