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Default Demo's

We've got some really good ones already scheduled, and I'm hoping to fill in a few blank areas before the event next weekend.

In order to divide up the group up, so that people can see what's going on, we'll be having two or more demo's at a time. The same demo's will be repeated. So one pair in the morning, same pair in the afternoon.

Here's the list so far:

Ben VonBerlo - Mechammer Mark II
Jere Kirkpatrick - OA Alum welding
Lazze - 33-34 Ford exterior door window molding
Ron Covell - 32 Ford lower grill shell
Don Houseman - 32-33 Ford Pick Up cab back done on a Pullmax with Kirksite dies (This demo may only be done once)
Kevin West - Solid rivet setting

I'm hoping to have a couple people help out with two requested items:

Flexible Shape Patterns
Shrinking demo - tuck, lancaster, Marchant, Lazze, thumbnail dies.

Some of you may not know Jere Kirkpatrick, Valley Forge and Welding, Willits, CA He's a Henrob dealer and will be using that torch for his demo(s). He also manufactures a bead roller that I'm sure he'll show anyone that's interested. Want to learn more? I think you'll find it interesting -

I also have an original 1960's Shelby Cobra door that attendees can examine to see how they were put together. I just wish I had the rest of the car....

Ron Covell, Peter Tomasini and Kent White metalshaping DVD's available, shipped from the US. Contact for price and availability.
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