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Originally Posted by billfunk29 View Post
Has anyone welded with one of these?
Sounds like the physics are similar to the atomic hydrogen, getting the hydrogen from the steam though.

I am skeptical because my plasma cutter is not happy with water going through it.
It was demo'd at a show I was at and the welds looked like crap....and they were done by their "expert".

Usually they make it look so easy that there's a line of guys with sweaty palms full of money just waiting for their chance to buy the "magic" elixir not at this show though.

Also I remember that they were pretty expensive, if my memory serves me they were popular/ designed in Russia as they couldn't get gas bottles so they filled the gap and allowed people to weld without shielding gasses. (don't quote me on that as my memory isn't to be trusted at my advanced age. That along with all of 1975 is pretty blurry lately....
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