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Default This old rust bucket in Ann Arbor MI

Good morning,

My name is James and I think the easiest way is not quite hard enough. I purchase widely considered piles of junk/rust and spend years figuring out how to fix/repair/replace that which is not working. I understand I might have a diagnosed medical condition which I have no desire to get vaccinated for.

My current projects include; A 1965 International Scout 800 that I purchased for $100 (that is the correct number of zeros) and consequently is more rust than sheet metal. B 1950 Buick super 4 door that I paid $500 for. It is considerable more sheet metal than rust, but requires full restoration. It IS complete though. Well, the seats and interior are missing most of the fabric thanks to rodents, but.... C 1987 M1009 CUCV or better known as military Chevrolet Blazer. Still painted camouflage. I has less rust than the rest, but I have been giving it a lot of time and effort. I have rebuilt a AM General 6.5 diesel NA for it, but I still have a short list of metal to replace on it.

The list of non-vehicle projects include a canoe, various old furniture (my most recent furniture is a chair that took me 6 years to finish - It is an old wooden chair that folds up almost flat and it had a bent hinge. It was strange, the metal parts were RIVETED to the wood!?!? I had to find the correct rivets - which I was NOT actively looking for. I stumbled upon them in a hard ware store.) I have an old tube radio/record player from Sears (50's) that I want to get working, another old stereo that I am turning into a liquor cabinet (prohibition style, secret doors, hidden XXX).... an old oak desk...

Anyway, you can see I have a hobby.

I am here to figure out how to build a bead roller from scratch that can put a bead in 11g sheet metal. I KNOW.... thats asking a lot. So, no HF conversion is going to cut it. Im doing this so I can make the bed for my scout. The original metal is 11g. A company sells replacement panels for the scout 800, but they are only 18g. The bed has 7 (or 5) beads running front to back. I have also sen some with an IH symbol pressed into metal near the tailgate. I want to make this. If a roller won't cut it, I will switch to a press so I can stamp the channel in a few inches at a time. I am not above failing and trying a different way. My last resort in my brain is torch and hammer for hot forging... I just don't think that will turn out as pretty. Aside from that, I am about to embark on a large welding cart to hold my MIG, TIG, and oxy-acetylene torch (with room for future water cooler and hopefully plasma cutter). I have googling lots of images for home made carts and have a pretty good idea.

I also fix old tools (recent Delta wood/metal bandsaw, now old craftsman belt/disc sander)

This is a long introduction.

My list of projects will never end.

I also want to build my own sailboat.... and convert a bus into a camper.... my wife really loves me....
James - This old rust bucket
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